Eta Kappa Nu Membership

How & Why

Why would I want to join?

Academic Accomplishment
Ensure that your exceptional academic accomplishment and strong character is publicly recognized by industry.
Networking Opportunities
Gain numerous networking opportunities by joining an organization that has members in leading roles with corporations, government and universities.
Long-term Relationships
Build a network of long-term relationships that will aid your career with HKN students who will become your friends and professional colleagues.
Resume Enhancer
Use your HKN membership as a resume enhancer when seeking a position or applying for graduate school.
Employers prefer to hire HKN members for their leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills.
Contributing to the Community
Opportunities to help engineering departments improve their curricula, participate in outreach and community service activities, and assist fellow students through tutoring and mentoring programs.
Soft Skill Development
Participate in HKN activities to develop vital professional skills such as leadership, communication,
and teamwork through practical hands-on experience.
Leadership Skills
Become and officer to develop leadership skills to prepare for high track professional careers.

You can find more benefits from the HKN headquarter webpage.


Invitation Requirements: How do I join?

In order to be join as an undergraduate, a student must be invited and either be pursing a major under the Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science department.

Invitations are sent out to students who meet our class ranking requirments:

Undergraduate Sophomore Students
The top fifth (1/5) of the sophomore class
Undergraduate Junior Students
The top quarter (1/4) of the junior class
Undergraduate Senior Students
The top third (1/3) of the senior class
Graduate Students
All graduate students are encouraged to become members of HKN as long as they are in fields related to majors aforementioned.
All faculty of the EE, CE, and CS departments with the rank of Assistant Professor or higher will be considered for HKN membership.

The invitation letter will be sent at the beginning of fall and winter quarter and invitees can begin fulfilling the membership requirements to become an official member.


Membership Requirements: How do I become an official member?

Once you have been invited, you have already proven your academic excellence. In addition to having required scholastic rank, members of HKN must possess an impeccable character, work in harmony with all types of people, and have a genial nature. Generally, we want to know more about you. Therefore, you will need to participate and complete the following requirements:

1. Attend the mock interview and actual interview held by HKN. For winter inductees, the mock interview will be held Week 7 of Winter Quarter and actual interviews will be held Week 9 of Winter Quarter. For spring inductees, the mock interview will be held Week 1 of Spring Quarter and the actual interview will be held Week 2 of Spring Quarter.

2. One-time membership payment: $90 (For checks, pay to the order of Eta Kappa Nu)

3. Attend the mandatory induction ceremony at the end of the induction cycle.

4. One of following requirements (depending on the student’s department) must be fulfilled:

Electrical Engineering
Three EE courses, one of which must be EE 101
Computer Science
Three CS or CEE courses (excluding CS/CE courses below 5), two of which must be CS 12/L and CS 13/L (or CS 101)
Computer Engineering
Three CE or EE courses (excluding CSE courses below 5), one of which must be CS 101/L

Everything above must be completed and turned in by the deadline for your inducting class.


Induction Ceremony

For all the invitees who have successfully completed all the requirements, the induction ceremony will be held Week 2 in Winter Quarter for winter inductees, or Week 3 of Spring Quarter for spring inductees.

The details will be announced via emails and website in the future.